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What Is Visual Stress?

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What Is Visual Stress?

The term “visual stress” is used to describe visual discomfort or distortions when reading printed text and this is suffered by many people who struggle to read on a daily basis. The condition is estimated to be present in around 40% of people who are poor readers and 20% of the entire UK population.

Thousands of individuals who find reading either tiring and unpleasant experience visual stress. They have to work harder than their peers in order to achieve the same objectives. This often involves them taking extra tuition in order to help their memory and work. A lot of proportion of people who suffer from visual stress could be helped by overlays or prescription tinted lenses from opticians.

Visual Stress

How Can Colour Help?

Coloured overlays in glasses can be used to help reduce the symptoms of visual stress. Research has shown that offering a large number of different colours will help to give better optimal results. The first step that we would always recommend to our clients is that if you feel like you’re struggling to read then you should come and visit opticians such as The Specs Place in Stoke on Trent. An eye test will help us to see if there are any refractive issues in your eyes. We test to see if you’re long or short sighted which is under NHS provision for children who are in full time education.

Once we have carried out an eye test then we can also test for the existence of visual stress. You may find that at this point we will use an overlay as part of the eye test procedure.

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