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Eye Carefrom the experts at the specsplace

At the specsplace we take as much time as necessary to ensure we have given you the best possible experience in your opticians. Every patient who comes to the practice is unique and has their own requirements and so we spend our time giving you a bespoke eye check that is truly tailored to you and your needs.

We have an extensive range of products and services offered from our practice based in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent including excellent quality budget and designer frames, high quality spectacle lenses, all soft and rigid gas permeable contact lenses, fundus photography, OCT digital retinal imaging and colorimetry.

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Site Check

Eye Test Stoke on Trent

The staple of any optometric practice (opticians). Testing sight to see if spectacles or contact lenses are required, to recommend what would suit you best, and to check to make sure that your eyes are healthy.

At the specsplace we make all appointments for at least 30 minutes giving us the time to ensure that you are comfortable and that we cover all the necessary issues during your eye check. We feel it is important never to rush an eye check and to give you the time you need to get the best possible results. Get in touch with us today to book an eye test.

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Advanced Eye Test

By using our iVue OCT (Optical Coherence Tomographer) we can obtain scans of the back, and if required front surface of your eyes. This allows us even more information about the health of your eyes and the possibility that problems may develop later on.

The OCT uses infra-red light to scan structures in the eye, so it is completely painless and we will have the results ready to view, and then show you, in less than a minute.

The OCT allows us to image:

  • The retina – looking for problems such as Age-related Macular Degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and other vascular and macular disorders.
  • The optic nerve head and ganglion cell layer – for the use in detection of glaucoma and other neuro-ophthalmic disorders.
  • The cornea and anterior chamber – scans designed for measuring the thickness of the cornea or the anterior chamber angle to aid diagnosis of glaucoma but can be used to scan other parts of the anterior eye to show other conditions and aid referral if necessary.

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Eye Check
Emergency Check

Emergency check

Under the North Staffs and Stoke-on-Trent Acute scheme we see patients with eye problems so they do not have to go to their GP or A&E or Pharmacist unnecessarily. We have all the necessary skills and equipment to be able to diagnose and treat a wide range of eye conditions and can save you the time of waiting to see your doctor.

Conditions seen under the scheme include but are not limited to: red, painful eyes or eyelids; dry, gritty or watery eyes; discharge from the eye; recently occurring flashing lights or floaters in the vision; ingrowing eyelashes; recent, sudden onset loss of vision; foreign body in the eye.

If you have any symptoms with your eyes that concern you please call reception on 01782 330803 where one of our reception staff will ask you a few questions about your issues so they can advise you how quickly you need to be seen and if appropriate book you in to see one of our optometrists in the next available appointment – we try and ensure the same day as much as possible.

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Contact lense trial

If you are interested in wearing contact lenses then come and speak to one of our optometrists who can recommend what lenses would be best for your vision and for the health of your eyes. We use all types of contact lenses including daily disposable, monthly disposable, longer replacement soft lenses (where appropriate) and rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses.

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Lens Trial
Contact Lense Check

Contact lense check

A check up of your current contact lenses to make sure you are still wearing the best contact lenses for your eyes – do your current contact lenses give you the best possible vision? Are your current contact lenses still healthy for your eyes? Has your amount of lens wear changed? Is your contact lens solution (monthly/RGP lenses) still the best solution to be using?

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Visual stress assessment

Suffering with symptoms of dyslexia and visual stress? Our speciality at the specsplace is to test, and where possible treat, symptoms of visual stress. Visual stress is a common co-occurring condition in dyslexia and can often be a reason why people with dyslexia experience difficulty in school.

Visual stress includes symptoms such as words jumping or moving around when reading, letters and numbers being reversed, missed and skipped when reading or writing, headaches when reading, blur when reading or writing and letters, words or paragraphs appearing too close together. For further information about the testing we do at the specsplace please see our Dyslexia and Visual Stress page.

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If you wish to book an appointment with one of our opticians in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire then please call us via the number below.

01782 330803

If you require any information about any of our services or products please use this contact form.

I have been a patient at the specsplace, formerly Newbold Opticians, like many other satisfied customers, for well over thirty years and during all that time the care and support I have received has always been exemplary.

The recent transition of ownership has been seamless and the same excellent and high quality of care has most definitely been maintained.

This care begins with the professional but extremely friendly welcome you receive when walking into the practice, from the highly trained staff on reception.

I would whole heartedly, thoroughly and unreservedly recommend this practice to anyone and am eternally grateful I was initially introduced to this practice and for the care I constantly receive.

Mrs Holmes

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